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Everyday Style:  Classic, Southern Elegance

Favorite Bridal Look: Lace with a hint of Glam 

Favorite Wedding Blog: Glitter & Lace 

Guilty Pleasure: Online Shopping 

Starbucks Order: Skinny Vanilla Latte 

Favorite Flower: Garden Roses 

Favorite Vacay Spot: Charleston, SC 

Favorite Dress Designer: Modern Trousseau

Best Piece of Advice for a Bride Shopping: 

Be open-minded and don’t over think it! When looking for a gown it's important to find something that fits your everyday style and is going to complement you, not overwhelm you. Bring the people that mean the most to you and who understand your style and vision for your big day. And most importantly, remember to pick a gown that you will want to look back on thirty years from now and know that you still love it!



Everyday Style:  Simple & Relaxed

Favorite Bridal Look:  Classic Lace with a touch of Bling 

Favorite Wedding Blog:  100 Layer Cake

Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV

Starbucks Order:  Grande Latte 

Favorite Flower:  Peony

Favorite Vacay Spot:  Anywhere Coastal

Favorite Dress Designer:  Augusta Jones

Best Piece of Advice for a Bride Shopping: 

Enjoy the moment! This will be one of the most memorable days of your life, so take in every second of it. Spend it with the people that mean the most to you, but remember that it's your day and it's important to find a gown that you love and makes you feel beautiful!


palm beach manager


Everyday Style:  New York Chic

Favorite Bridal Look: Strapless Fit & Flare

Favorite Wedding Blog:  Strictly Weddings

Guilty Pleasure: So Much Coffee!

Starbucks Order:  Venti Latte

Favorite Flower:  Lilly of the Valley

Favorite Vacay Spot:  Disney World

Favorite Dress Designer:  Kate McDonald

Best Piece of Advice for a Bride Shopping: 


The experience of finding a gown is not supposed to be something you are familiar with and that is why you have a consultant! We are hear to help guide you to the perfect gown so let go of the feeling that you are supposed to have it all figured out!

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