5 Things You Should Know Before Wedding Dress Shopping

Let us guess, your Pinterest board is full of amazing gowns and wedding ideas and you’re ready to start trying on some dresses. You’re so excited about your engagement and you’re ready to start looking for your dream wedding dress. Before you start to try on dresses, there are a few preparations to consider before you step into your first dress. We’re here to answer a few of those initial questions you may have. Such as, “What should I wear?” “Do I need to bring my entire bridal party?” “Are there any extra fees I should know about up front?” These are all great questions and definitely things to know before stepping foot into a bridal boutique. Here are the top five things you should know before wedding dress shopping:

Bring a Supportive Entourage

This is crucial in the wedding dress shopping process. You want to surround yourself with people that are happy to be there and are fully invested in your best interests. This does not require a large amount of people. We encourage you to bring a group full of quality friends and family and not a group just for quantity. This way there aren’t too many opinions cluttering your thought space and gives you a more clear understanding of how you and your close friends and family are feeling. When you know you’ve found the dress, you’ll want to know everyone is on board. Your bridal appointment entourage should be supportive of how you feel and invested in finding your dream dress.

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What to Wear Now that you’ve planned who’s coming and set up your appointment, it’s time to plan your day-of appointment outfit. Here at The White Magnolia, we suggest that you wear loose and easy to change in and out of clothing. This may be a shift dress, cotton garments or a tunic. We love cute style just as much as the next person, we just like to also incorporate practicality and functionality since you’ll be slipping in and out of dresses during your appointment. As far as undergarments go, we suggest full coverage and light colors. We want you to feel totally comfortable in the fitting room and not show off your undergarments when trying on dresses. This includes when your stylist needs to step in and help with getting the dress on. It’s most comfortable for all parties if we’re all fully covered. When it comes to bras, feel free to bring a strapless bra for strapless gowns. You’ll want the full effect of how the dress can look on your wedding day.

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Book Your Appointment in Advance

You’re probably still in the glow of being recently engaged and that means it’s time to start looking for dresses! We suggest making your appointment well in advance to make sure you order your dress in time. Order processing and shipment after the point of sale takes approximately six to eight months. After we get the dress in, you’ll need two to three months for alterations on top of that. We encourage you to start shopping ten to twelve months in advance in order to have your dress in perfect condition for your big day. If you’re already past that point, we do have other options! If you’re inside the ten-twelve month window from your wedding date, we have a few designers who allow for a rush fee. We’ll charge the rush fee on top of the cost of your gown and get the dress in faster than usual to allow for an appropriate amount of time for alterations. We also have a sample rack that allows for any bride to come in and buy a dress we have hanging on that rack. You’ll leave the store with your dress in hand, and start alterations two to three months prior to the wedding. You’ll buy the dress as-is from us. This is the best option for last minute brides.

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Do You Have a Specific Dress You Want to Try On?

If you’re interested in trying on a specific gown, we suggest you reach out to one of our stylists to see if we have it in stock. On the off chance that we don’t sell the exact gown you’re looking for, we can try to reach out for a borrow on the dress you’re looking for. There is a small fee associated with borrowing the dress from another location. We suggest doing this so that you get the full dress shopping experience and not leave the store wondering what the dress you’re dreaming about would feel like. Be prepared and let us know any details you have in mind so we can customize your shopping experience to everything you’re looking for and more.

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Take Some Time Envisioning Your Wedding Day

We encourage you to take some time to really think about what you want your wedding to look and feel like. In a perfect world, you’ll come in to try on dresses with your wedding venue already booked. We’re pretty well-versed with wedding venues around our areas and we’ll be ready to help you find the best dress to fit your venue. The more details you have about what you’re big day will look like, the better. We want to help you make your wedding dreams come to life by helping you find the perfect dress to complete your vision. If you don’t have a set vision yet, know that your dress can set the tone. Find a dress you love and then incorporate wedding details to match!

We send out a bridal interview when you confirm your appointment with us to better help our stylists prepare in helping you find the dress of your dreams. The more details you can give us in your interview, the easier it will be to find your perfect dress. So remember, take the time to envision your big day and then help us by sharing those details you come up with!

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We can’t wait to shop with you and help you say yes to your dream dress! We’re glad you’ve started preparing. It’s a big experience and it’s easier to handle if you’re well-prepared. Preparation gives you better odds at finding the right gown and saying “yes!” If you’re ready to start shopping, go ahead and book your appointment, we can’t wait to have you in at The White Magnolia!

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