4 Signs You’re Ready To “Say Yes to the Dress”

Imagine it: you’ve shown up for your bridal appointment and you’re trying on all of the white (and off-white) gorgeous gowns. They’re all pretty dresses but how can you tell which one is the one? As a team of stylists with great experience and training, we have picked up on a few of the key signs that you’re wearing the dress you’ve been searching for. It’s most important that you feel happy, confident and beautiful. Beyond that, we have a few questions that will help you to check the boxes on the search for finding your dream dress.

Can You Picture Yourself Marrying Your Person in this Dress?

Sometimes during your appointment you’ll have a dress on that you love but something may seem a little off. This feeling is totally okay! Not every dress can be the dress. But when you do find the dress that makes your wedding vision come to life, you’ll be able to envision yourself marrying your person in it. Whether you’re picturing walking down the aisle or your first dance ― it just makes sense! Take from us, once you can see yourself getting married in the dress, you’ll know you’ve found the one.

Do You Feel like Yourself in the Dress?

A wedding gown isn’t like your everyday clothes. It’s a dress that has personality and showcases who you are. It the most self-expressive item you’ll own. You want to make sure it highlights you and your personal style. The more the dress makes you feel like yourself, the more comfortable you’ll feel on your wedding day. This dress is a physical representation of your love and journey with your partner. It should feel like it’s been yours all along. Does your dress make you feel like a more elevated version of yourself? Then you’ve probably found your dream dress! The dress is an extension of you and it’s a dress you can see yourself getting married in.

Are You Not Ready to Take the Dress Off?

One of the most influential signs that you’ve found the dress of your dreams is that you’re not ready to get out of it! You want to take it home right then and there. Eat in it, sleep in it, take a bath in it… well, you know what we mean. You just can’t imagine ever taking it off, or better yet, never putting anything else more beautiful on! We can tell when you’re experiencing this feeling! Rest assured, once you buy your gown, it will come a few months later and you can stare at it and try it on as many times as you desire.

Do You Feel Ready to Say Yes to the Dress?

Most brides gush over this “feeling” when you have your dress on. Truth is, not everyone has these emotions and that’s totally fine! As long as you absolutely know this is the dress for you, it’s time to say yes. If you do get all of the feels, chances are you’ve found your dream dress! These feelings and emotions can be overwhelming but in the back of your mind there should be a sense of clarity and you should know you’re ready to say yes! It’s like falling in love all over again, it’s right and it’s easy.

When you’re ready to, “say yes to the dress,” we’re happy to help you celebrate! It’s time to POP the champagne (or sparkling cider). The feeling of finding your dress is like no other, soak it up and take this time to really enjoy being with your most important people in your most important and special dress! After all, it’s not every day you find your dream wedding dress.

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